Designing and Printing Company in Indore-Softberry

Who we are ?

print-tech evolution

For over 5 years, Fortune India 500 companies and leading organizations have associated to build and maximize their Branding,
Designing, and Printing Portfolios. Since our inception in 2016, we initiated, with a team of four members and a small work space.
By far we have nourished more than 170 brands with our extensively customized services and the counting is increasing. We have diversified our boundless creativity to Delhi and Bangalore. Our experts in Publications, Printing, Designing (including web),
Logistics, and Digital Experience work fluidly.
We bring everything together for our customers in an all-in-one dashboard. We make it easy for businesses to make sense of everything going on in their market, in their business, and with their customers to develop effective plans, gain insights, and take actions. And behind the scenes we put best-in-class AI and teams of experts to work, ensuring budgets in check and marketing channels are maximized, customers are delighted, and guidance and support is provided at each step.
And as we help our customers evolve and succeed in an always-shifting business landscape — Softberry is keeping pace too.
Continuously bringing our customers effective and efficient ways to reach new customers and stay relevant to the business.

Our Spirit

We are limitless. We love what we do!
We’re proud of the strong roots we’ve
built in our community. We will
continue to evolve as a diversely
proficient, fast-moving, skilled team
to convert whatever challenges come
our way, into opportunities.
The way we treat each other and our
clients – with trust and respect. It is
our greatest asset.


To harness our passion for innovation and technology that better serve the communication needs of every
business &enterprise that we work with.


To build a long-term successful relationship with our clients, growth partners, and the team. Expand prosperity by leveraging advanced technology and our expertise in print and digital communications.



Do what’s best for the
business – even when no
one’s watching.
Be honest and credible.


Along the way, achieve
more together. Empower
individual strengths.
Create miracles together.


Every individual is a value
addition to the company
and the team. Respectful
for all. Always.


Acknowledge the
impermanence and
constantly drive towards
innovation in all aspects of
our business.

Founders Note

As we all know, the pandemic triggered our collaborative immune system to action. Since, this decade started with a dire need for collective evolution. Mobile operating systems and web browsers are mature — it has never been easier to lean on native features for predictable and smooth experiences, such as QR codes,
artificial intelligence, near field communications (NFC), or even augmented reality.
We’re excited to embrace these new, agile and fast processes.
Why? Because they drive performance without sacrificing what matters the most… quality.
These technological breakthroughs allow for creativity to flourish. Brands can focus wholly on providing engaging consumer experiences. By focusing on simple and powerful features, it
allows brands to build valuable and practical solutions quicker that resonate with their customer base.
There will always be opportunities to positively impact people’s lives through innovation and technology, but the brands that dare
to take the most risks will pave the roads that lead to the future.
“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

                                                                                        –Maya Angelou                                                               
 Founders Desk


Raghav K Gupta

Founder & Director

Nitin Jain

Director Sales & Marketing

Sourabh Joshi

Director Sales & Marketing

Ram Narayan Tiwari

Director Operations

Manoj Gupta

Chief Financial Officer

Shyam Kant Jha

Head - Production & Planning

Harshit Shukla

Associate Partner Lead

Manu Mayank Dadhich

Head - Digital Marketing

Tashmeet Chhabra

Financial Lead

Manoj Bagdare

Creative Lead